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Metro Rubber
Metro Rubber
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Detailed Description

1. SUPERsoft® has a very smooth skin that is free of
exposed cells or flaws.
2. SUPERsoft® is composed of micro-closed cells that are
uniform in size, providing even compression and sealing
so you won’t have to slam your doors.
3. SUPERsoft® is jet black, not ash gray, for a refined,
concours look.
4. SUPERsoft® is molded using
computerized temperature
control for consistent cure cycles.
This prevents scorching or undercured
5. SUPERsoft® is made with over
50 tons of pressure for perfect
definition and exact detailing.
6. SUPERsoft®weatherstrips are
hot bonded at the joints.
7. SUPERsoft® dies are made
using CAD and CNC mills for
proper 3-D contouring, assuring
a perfect fit and OEM quality
8. SUPERsoft® sponge is made in
the U.S.A.
9. SUPERsoft® is guaranteed for a full 15 years. Each part
comes with a certificate of guarantee.
10. SUPERsoft® sponge weatherstripping is simply the
softest reproduction on the market!

We are working on getting Metro product line listed in our store. Until then call for pricing. We sell at 25% below Metro retail every day.

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